Insurance Plan - Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental
Premium insurance 100JPY(excluding tax) / day 0JPY(Until 15th,NOV.)

loss or theft

reparable breakdown

water leakage

You could feel at ease, even if fatal damage has occurred due to dropping the device on the floor or in the water.
If you buy the Premium insurance, you are covered for careless loss or theft of the device.
For reparable breakdown or visible damage
For non-repairable damage, water leakage
For loss or theft

In case of total loss and theft,visible damage
48,000JPY 9,800JPY (excluding tax)

If the WiFi Equipment is lost or stolen, the Signer must obtain a certificate thereof from the nearest Japanese Police Department or other public institution,
and said certificate must be submitted to the Company.

NOTE2: Mobile Charger & AC Adapter & USB Cable are not covered by compensation. Please refer to the following.


*If any WiFi equipment is lost or stolen, please submit a certificate to us from the Japanese Police Department or other public institution.
*Please immediately report losses or thefts to the Company whether or not you purchased an insurance plan.
In case of complete damage of the Wi-Fi device, we will charge as follows: